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Recovering from the lag in digitalization
in the port logistics sector.

To improve the efficiency of port logistics operations
and and eliminate congestion in front of the
container terminal gates, Aiming to improve overall
productivity of port logistics.

By standardizing and
Digitizing port
logistics procedures, work hours can be

Reduced by up to 60%.

Linkage with NACCS and other trading platforms
and in-house systems.

Seamless data linkage with NACCS, COLINS, TradeWaltz,
and other related packaged software.

Free of charge until the end of FY2025,
You can start using it right away
with a browser.

Fixed monthly fee of 6,600 yen per company starting in FY2026.

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Upcoming Seminars
and Events


We will introduce the latest trends in cooperation with various trading platforms such as NACCS and how to utilize them
~ Cyber Port WEB Seminar will be held again in fiscal 2024 ~

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Seminar & Event Information

Seminar & Event Information

Seminar & Event

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About Cyber Port

What is Cyber Port?

Cyber Port is a platform that aims to improve the productivity of port logistics as a whole by streamlining operations through the computerization of port logistics procedures between private businesses that are conducted on paper, by telephone, or by e-mail.

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Features of Cyber ​​Port

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is offering the service free of charge until FY2025
with the aim of DX for all international logistics companies.

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Digitize and standardize
container logistics


You can start right away.
No initial investment
required with a browser.


Can be integrated with
various logistics

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Logistics DX / Start for Free / Collaboration

Logistics DX / Start for Free / Collaboration

Ready-to-Use Functions

Cyber Port offers a variety of useful functions to improve operational efficiency.

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NACCS Linkage

Complete everything from input to transmission to NACCS on Cyber Port.You can even incorporate it
into your own system via API!


Shipping company data

Booking and Arrival Notice information of some
shipping companies can be acquired


Terminal Inquiry Function

Receives various types of rate confirmations, etc.
via Cyber Port

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NAACS / Booking & A/N / Terminal Inquiry

NAACS / Booking & A/N / Terminal Inquiry

Consultation for introduction

Contact Us

We will make proposals tailored to each company's
situation, including analysis of the current situation,
operational design, trial and effectiveness measurement,
and support for operation methods.

Click here for service introduction
consultation, inquiry, and
application for use.

Explanatory Video

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More efficient logistics at the port! The future of ports connected by Cyber Port.

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Case Study

The number of companies using the service is expanding!!

Expanding to712companies

Cyber Port is used by a wide range of business operators.

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deploying CyberPort

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