Cyber Port(サイバーポート)・CONPAS(コンパス)ポータルサイト

Changing Port Logistics through

Improving the efficiency of port logistics operations and eliminating congestion in the container terminal gates to improve the overall productivity of port logistics
  • Improving the Efficiency of Port Logistics Operations


    Using Cyber Port to perform port logistics procedures, which have been carried out by paper, telephone, or e-mail between private companies, will improve operational efficiency and customer service by reducing inefficient work and waiting time for procedures.

  • Improving Productivity of Container Logistics


    Reservations for container loading and unloading, advance verification of loading information, and one-touch gate procedures reduce waiting time at the gate and gate processing time at container terminals, thereby improving the efficiency of container logistics.

  • Data Provision and Utilization


    Utilizing the information accumulated in the Cyber Port and linking it with the information in the port management and port infrastructure fields of the Cyber Port, which will be constructed in the future, will help improve the productivity of port logistics as a whole and strengthen the international competitiveness of ports.

    *As of April 2021, the "Data Provision and Utilization Function" is not yet in operation. We will work on its implementation in the future.